Insights, Innovations, and Inspirations

Insights, Innovations, and Inspirations

Welcome to the Sigg Art Foundation News, your gateway into the dynamic world of contemporary art. Here, we journey through engaging narratives, spotlight groundbreaking artists, delve into the marriage of art and technology, and pull back the curtains on our exclusive residencies and programs. With a strong focus on cultural connection and a global perspective, our news weaves together the threads of creativity, innovation, and tradition.

Sigg Art Prize: Edition 2024

Sigg Art Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 edition of the Sigg Art Prize. Explore Artificial Imagination with this open call.

Sigg Art Foundation is selected for the WAC Lab 6-week training to redefine arts & culture with web3 technology

Join the Sigg Art Foundation in embracing the future with the WAC Museums program by We Are Museums and Tezos Foundation. article: “The Sigg Art Foundation: Curating Global Cultural Synergies”

Read this article on the Sigg Art Foundation heart mission's with an exclusive Interview of our founder by the curated media platform


We are excited to announce the launch of Sigg Art Foundation’s residency program inAlUla, Saudi Arabia, in partnership with the Royal Commission for AlUla.