Sigg ARt Prize:Edition 2024

International Open Call Announcement

Sigg Art Foundation posits that AI is not merely another technological innovation destined to be swiftly superseded, but rather a transformation as profound and significant as the emergence of photography during the industrial revolution. AI is reshaping our approach of reality representation, memory construction, traditional practice and language innovation with a reconfiguration of the global scale cultural landscape.


With the constant vision of supporting the development of new ideas, encouraging knowledge, and creating bridges between cultures, Sigg Art Foundation wishes to amplify the realm of possibilities with the creation of #SiggArtPrize, allowing a talent to conceive an original contemporary project awarded by organizations and individuals spearheading AI development, with a cash prize of 10,000 euros. 


This year 2024, the launching theme -“Future Desert”- offers a canvas open to individual interpretation, inviting participants to explore its countless dimensions. The selection criteria will focus on the AI innovative approach of the candidate at the forefront of contemporary art and traditions, the engagement and relevance of the project with the 2024 theme and the quality of the conceptual and technical proposal.


The Selection Committee for the 2024 SiggArtPrize – gathering both globally recognized human entities and an artificial counterpart – will undertake the discerning evaluation of each artist’s trajectory and the innovative essence encapsulated within the project synopsis to ensures equitable representation and deliberation, fostering an environment of intellectual rigor and diversity of perspective in the adjudication process.




Open call: March 4th, 2024


Submission deadline: May 4th, 2024