Sigg Art Prize 2024


The Sigg Art Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the Sigg Art Prize, a groundbreaking initiative set to redefine the boundaries of artistic creation through the lens of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As we stand on the brink of a new era in art, the Sigg Art Prize 2024 invites visionaries to explore and shape the future of creativity.

How to Apply?

Submit your application through the following dedicated form on our website. Your submission should include:


1.⁠ ⁠A portfolio document:

  • Biography
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Past works with visuals
  • Past exhibition with visuals

In a unique PDF document titled SiggArtPrize24_Lastname_Name_portfolio.pdf


2.⁠ ⁠Your project proposal:

  • ⁠Intention letter
  • Visuals for the project
  • ⁠⁠Production budget
  • Detailed timeline

In a unique PDF document titled SiggArtPrize24_Lastname_Name_project.pdf

Make sure to have all the requirements before filling the form.


Sigg Art Foundation posits that AI is not merely another technological innovation destined to be swiftly superseded, but rather a transformation as profound and significant as the emergence of photography during the industrial revolution. AI is reshaping our approach of reality representation, memory construction, traditional practice and language innovation with a reconfiguration of the global scale cultural landscape. AI is not a disembodied, autonomous machine; AI acts as a transformative force, reshaping our legacy and knowledge process. Fed from billions of media artifacts loaded over two decades on the web, AI learns to create shapes that are sufficiently resemblant for recognition yet different enough to evoke alternative versions of reality, allowing to rediscover the essence of possibility. In an era where attention is singularly focused on the creation of software solutions and expansive models aiming at challenging the economic and ideological hegemony implemented since decades, Sigg Art Foundation endeavors to cast a fresh perspective on the visionaries who are presently embracing this new form of creation to predict the forthcoming world: Artificial Imagination. 

Empowering Creativity: Bridging New Ideas and Cultures

Since its creation, Sigg Art Foundation empowers emerging creatives, with a special focus on artists challenging history and its artistic heritage through the lens of digital and technological innovation. With the constant vision of supporting the development of new ideas, encouraging knowledge, and creating bridges between cultures, Sigg Art Foundation wishes to amplify the realm of possibilities with the creation of Sigg Art Prize, allowing a talent to conceive an original project in collaboration with organizations and individuals spearheading AI development. This year 2024, the launching theme -“Future Desert”- offers a canvas open to individual interpretation, inviting participants to explore its countless dimensions. Our panel of experts – gathering both globally recognized human entities and an artificial counterpart – will undertake the discerning evaluation of each artist’s trajectory and the innovative essence encapsulated within the project synopsis to ensures equitable representation and deliberation, fostering an environment of intellectual rigor and diversity of perspective in the adjudication process.

Crafting the Future: Unveiling New Narratives with the Sigg Art Prize

Through the Sigg Art Prize, the Foundation seeks to foster a visionary outlook on AI by harnessing Artificial Imagination to craft new narratives from archived knowledge, we aspire to unveil an alternative historical continuum, seamlessly connecting the past and traditions to the future and innovation.

The Sigg Art Prize Award

In alignment with our mission to support and elevate the creative voices of artists who are reshaping the narrative of art through digital and technological innovation, we are proud to announce the award for the Sigg Art Prize 2024.


The Sigg Art Prize is designed not only to celebrate the pioneering spirit of artists delving into the realms of Artificial Imagination but also to materially support their journey. To this end, we are delighted to offer an award of 10,000€ to the winning artist of the 2024 Sigg Art Prize.


This award signifies our belief in the transformative power of art and technology and our commitment to fostering innovation within the artistic community. It is a testament to our ongoing effort to amplify creative voices and to sustain the pursuit of groundbreaking work that challenges, inspires, and transcends traditional boundaries.

Participation and Timeline


  • Open Call: March 2nd – 4th
  • Second Call: April 3rd
  • Final Call: May 4th
  • Applications Close: May 14th


  • Shortlist Announcement: May 21st
  • Selection Committee Session: May 24th
  • Jury Results: May 28th
  • Winner Announcement: June 3rd


The selection criteria will focus on the AI innovative approach of the candidate in the context of visual arts and traditions, the engagement and relevance of the project with the theme « Future Desert » and the quality of the conceptual and technical proposal.

Applications submitted after the 14th of May (4pm CET) won’t be considered.

All submitted works and application documents remain strictly confidential and are for internal review only. Applicants retain full rights to their submission materials.