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ART META - Basel

Sigg Art Foundation is thrilled to participate in the first-ever digital art fair in Basel, The Digital Art Mile 2024. The initiative aims to create a vibrant hub for digital art and innovation, featuring exhibition spaces and conferences during Art Basel, June 10-16, 2024.


Embark on a journey with the Sigg Art Foundation as we launch the Sigg Art Prize 2024, celebrating the intersection of art and AI under the theme “Future Desert.” This initiative champions innovative creators ready to shape the future of artistic expression.

Imagination Through Artistic Exploration

Sigg Art Foundation is an independent and non profit organization founded in 2020 by Pierre Sigg, a longtime art collector.


Through its residencies, collection, and programs, it aims at supporting the development of new ideas, encouraging knowledge and creativity, and creating bridges between cultures. Sigg Art Foundation empowers emerging creatives, with a special focus on artists challenging history and its artistic heritage through the lens of digital and technological innovation.

A community of artists

Immerse in the dynamic community of artists at the Sigg Art Foundation. Our Residency programs and eclectic collections are designed to inspire and empower emerging artists, fueling their creative journeys at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. These artists, with their distinctive viewpoints and groundbreaking methodologies, contribute significantly to the global art scene, weaving a vibrant tapestry of thought-stirring and transformative works. Embark on a journey through their narratives, their artistry, and experience the profound resonance of their creative expressions.

Ittah Yoda

Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings

Marion Chaillou

Natacha Donzé


Agnieszka Kurant

Ben Elliot

Charles-Arthur Feuvrier

Gaspar Willmann

Ayman Zedani

Manon Wertenbroek

Monira Al Qadiri

Nicolás Lamas

Timur Si-Qin

Kevin Bray

Petra Cortright

Louisa Gagliardi

Adam Cruces

Elsa Muller

Josèfa Ntjam

Ahmed Mater

Sarah Abu Abdullah

Gregory Chatonsky

Adam Cruces & Louisa Gagliardi

Explore the collection

Sigg Art Foundation proudly curate an expansive collection that spans from the masterpieces of Modern Art and the influential works of the Post-War era to the innovative creations of today’s emerging artists. The recent acquisitions emphasize the intriguing intersection of traditional media – with a special focus on painting – and the digital realm. Explore the collection and discover the dynamic dialogue between past, present, and future in the world of art.

Explore the collection of Sigg Art Foundation


Join the conversation at the Sigg Art Foundation News, your portal to the pulsating world of contemporary art. Here, we share compelling narratives, unveil the processes of trailblazing artists, and traverse the crossroads of art and technology. Get an insider’s view of our exclusive residencies and programs, all while immersing yourself in our global artistic dialogue. Engage with us as we traverse the artistic landscape, intertwining creativity, innovation, tradition, and cultural understanding. Let’s together discover the transformative power of art. 

Sigg Art Prize: Edition 2024

Sigg Art Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 edition of the Sigg Art Prize. Explore Artificial Imagination with this open call.

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