Sigg Art Foundation’s residency program in Southern France welcomes four to six artists every year during the spring and summer months.

Welcome to LE Castellet Residency

Bienvenue to the South of France Residency, a program brought to you by the Sigg Art Foundation. Nestled in the heart of Bandol, an internationally acclaimed wine region, this artist residency program offers an inspiring setting for creative exploration and development. Every year during the spring and summer months, we welcome four to six artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to immerse themselves in this unique cultural and natural landscape.

Southern France

The Experience

The South of France Residency is more than just a place to create—it’s a journey of cultural exchange, artistic growth, and personal transformation. Artists are given the freedom to explore their own creative practice while engaging with the local community, gaining new perspectives and insights that enrich their work. Whether it’s through exploring the local vineyards, or simply absorbing the tranquil beauty of the landscape, artists are encouraged to integrate the spirit of Bandol into their artistic journey.

Benefits and Opportunities

By participating in the South of France Residency, artists gain not only a conducive environment for their work but also a wealth of opportunities for professional development and networking. They get to interact with local artists, cultural practitioners, and members of the local community, fostering a sense of shared learning and cultural exchange. The residency program also offers opportunities for artists to showcase their work through exhibitions and public programs, connecting them with a wider audience.

Artists in Le Castellet

Explore the works of our residency artists. Through a rich array of mediums and styles, these works reflect the diverse voices of our artists and the profound influence of the Le Castellet landscape on their creative process. Join us in celebrating their creativity and witnessing the transformative power of the South of France Residency.