Supported by Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture and operated by Sigg Art Foundation, the Greece Residency explores cultural heritage and history through the transformative lens of digital art and cross-cultural exchange. 

Greece Residency: Introduction

The aim of the artists-in-Residency program supported by Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture and operated by Sigg Art Foundation is to explore cultural heritage through the transformative lens of digital art, with a special focus on the collaborative participation of Saudi and Greek artists. This bilateral project between Saudi Arabia and Greece strives to foster cross-cultural exchange, and focuses on building bridges between different communities and cultures in an effort to preserve, develop, highlight and promote ancestral savoir-fairs and original and imaginative skills. The Residency shapes an ideal environment for Saudi and Greek artists to connect and exchange within the incredible landscape of Greece, while emphasising on the historical importance of both civilizations. 

Greece Residency 2023: in focus

Envisioned as a bi-cultural project between Saudi Arabia and Greece, and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia, the Residency aims to nurture cultural exchange and far-reaching curiosity, fostering creativity and international collaboration. The Artists in Residence have the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in both Saudi and Greek’s cultures, traditions, customs, and interests while engaging with Greek History and Culture through an extensive programme of research and site-seeing visits, as well as the vibrant art scene of Athens. In its inaugural  iteration of 2023, the participating artists were Ahaad Alamoudi (KSA), Nouf Alhimiary (KSA), Aziz Jamal (KSA), Khaled Makhshoush (KSA), Maria Mavropoulou (GR), and Lilia Ziamou (GR).

Gagosian Gallery, Athens.
Acropolis site, Athens.
Davelis Cave, Penteli.

Artists In Greece

Explore the practice and research of artists participating in Greece Residency of 2023.