Kevin Bray


Kevin Bray, Portrait
Kevin Bray, It is going against the wind, 2021
Kevin Bray, Exhibition View, Future Gallery, 2020
Kevin Bray, Exhibition view, Palais de Tokyo, 2019
Kevin Bray, Exhibition view, Dordrecht Museum, 2021.
Kevin Bray, Exhibition view, Dordrecht Museum, 2021


Playing with the porosity of diverse media, re-organizing media and tools to shape a language that is welcoming to all of them, the work of Kevin Bray engages with different types of communication strategies.

Traversing from cinema, graphic design, illustration, painting and sculpture to music and writing, he tries to understand how the form and language of a particular medium are visualized and manipulated, in order to impose those codes onto another medium. His interest lies in playing with the possible porosity created by confrontation and through this methodology, he aims to open and diversify a language while exploring the edges of its possibilities. In his work Bray blends and conceptualizes all of the parameters of these expressions to build up symbolic narratives, commenting on our diverse existences and the appearances they embody.

Bray’s (b. 1989, France) recent exhibitions include Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Deborah Bowmann, Brussels; Dordrechts Museum; Unseen Amsterdam; Future Gallery, Berlin; FOAM, Amsterdam; Mama Rotterdam; Ravisius Textor, Nevers; Witte De With, Rotterdam; FC Hyena, Amsterdam.

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