Salomé Chariot


Idol Hydra 4 works by the artist Salomé Chatriot
Idol Hydra 4 2024 Huile et émail à froid sur aluminium 180 x 165 cm
Honey Time 2 by the artist Salomé Chatriot
Honey Time 2 2023 Huile et émail à froid sur aluminium 210 x 176 cm


(b. 1995, France). Lives and works between Lausanne and Paris. 

Combining visual vocabulary of technology with organic matter and processes, Salomé Chatriot creates physical and virtual spaces that explore the intimate relationship between man and machine. The artist’s digital images, installations and sculptures evoke a sense of harmony, in disagreement with techno-negative sentiment. Instead, Chatriot’s practice allows for space of coexistence, where organic flows, such as breathing and fluid circulation, are intertwined with the digital realm, revealing unexpected similarities between the human body and new technologies. 

Salomé Chatriot has exhibited internationally, with selected group exhibitions including Palais de Tokyo (Paris), The Shed (United States), Centre d’art Contemporain de Geneve, (Geneva), New Galerie (Paris) and TTBC (Copenhagen). The work of Salomé Chatriot has been, among others, reviewed in Purple Magazine, Galerie Magazine, Clot Magazine, NONFICTION 02 and Coeval Magazine.

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