Marion Chaillou


Marion Chaillou, Portrait.
Marion Chaillou Tenue on fleek, 2018 Gouache on paper 13,5 x 8,9 cm
Marion Chaillou, Exhibition View, Beaux Arts de Paris, 2020
Marion Chaillou, Guess What ?, 2021


Marion Chaillou composes with elements of her daily life. Her work revolves around the question of journal and autobiography.

She questions the construction of a self-narrative at a time when social networks as well as the phone’s film constitute forms of chronicle 2.0.
From November 2018 and for a year, she painted everyday a photo taken with her mobile. Inspired by constrained writing, the protocol remains the same for each painting: same gouache treatment, same dimensions, each numbered and annotated with a comment.

More recently, she draws photos taken or received, images specific to Internet culture from her cellphone’s stock, and then uses them as raw material for her gouaches on paper in screen format. The subjects chosen are those that we would naturally take a photo of, a cooked meal, a selfie, friends, a vacation landscape. Once the painting is done, Marion Chaillou scans it and puts it in a binder. It is her own gaze that she returns in the literal sense of the word. The screen would be a reality that she takes care to paint, as one would paint an object from nature. From this process results the writing of a story told through an autobiographical painting.

Marion Chaillou (b. 1998, France) is currently studying at Beaux Arts de Paris.

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