Jason Boyd Kinsella


Jason Boyd Kinsela Angus, 2021 Oil on linen 185 x 155 cm


Jason Boyd Kinsela’s paintings explore human psychology through shape, colour and size. Assigning specific personality traits of his fictional characters into specific geometric units that are based on the Myers-Briggs personality test, the artist finds a novel and unique approach to depicting human emotions and characteristics. Upon closer view, the seemingly abstract components of Kinsela’s paintings morph into recognisable feelings and traits. While his approach – rooted in the appreciation and study of form and colour – is reminiscent of Old Masters’ works, Kinsela’s large-scale portraits of human emotion are uniquely contemporary and conceptually enticing. 

Jason Boyd Kinsela has previously presented his work in solo exhibitions in galleries including Perrotin, (Dubai and Paris) and Unit London (London); and participated in group exhibitions in Art021, (Shanghai), Nassima Landau (Tel Aviv), Galerie Droste (Paris) and Architecture and Design Museum (USA). His works are included in numerous collections including Long Museum (China), Crocker Museum (USA), Arsenal Contemporary Art (Canada), Nassima Landau Foundation (Israel), and Azman Museum (Malaysia).

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