Elsa Muller


Elsa Muller, Portrait. Photo: Blandine Soulage
Elsa Muller, How to Exhibit, 2021
Elsa Muller, Installation view, Cows are minding their own business, 2020
Elsa Muller, How to Exhibit, 2021
Exhibition view of the artist Elsa Muller
Elsa Muller, Exhibition View, Rotondes, 2021. Photo. Mike Zenari
Elsa Muller working
Elsa Muller, In Residency, Le Castellet, 2022
Elsa Muller, How to succeed, 2021


Elsa Muller gleans, collects and archives certain bugs encountered in video games to divert them into 3D animations.

She appropriates the aesthetic to create moments of waiting, thus contrasting with the hyperaction of games in general. The situations created by the artist are therefore caricatured, but also disturbing. They declare endured, passive encounters, followed by moments of indifference.

At the same time, her tribulations on the Internet led her to protect herself from the strategy of the troll, which, instead of being an avoidance, becomes an effective disruptive mechanism, making it possible to reflect on artistic practice, its tools, its forms and its critical field. Through her work, she wishes to impose paradox, strangeness, discomfort and humor as an artistic point of view.

Muller (b. 1993, Germany) is the recipient of the 2021 Sigg Art Prize, an award that offers two residencies annually, organized in collaboration with an art school, this time École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon.

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