Artie Vierkant


Artie Vierkant Air filter and method of constructing same 24 (IOPI icons and installation view), 2014 Aluminium, charcoal, fibreglass mesh and organza 214 x 117 cm


(b. 1986, USA), Lives and works in New York

Moving between the object and document, real and virtual, physical and digital, Artie Vierkant works in a variety of media including photography and sculpture, and also acts of circulating JPEGs and negotiating limits of patents and tradements. The artist is interested in subverting the conventional theology of art by altering tangible elements of his work through digital interventions, thereby reflecting on the essence of online interactions that are rapidly overtaking physical encounters in an increasingly digitised culture. Vierkant’s works further pose questions around the ownership and Intellectual Property rights in a “post-internet” age. For the artist, the documentation of the art becomes a work of art in its own right, blending distinction between the object and its image and thereby collapsing the notions of value and originality. 

Artie Vierkant’s work has previously been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in institutions such as Feuer / Mesler (New York); Westfalischer Kunstverein (Munster); Centre d’art Galerie Edouard Manet (Gennevilliers); Carl Kostyal (London); Exile (Berlin); The Green Room (London); Kunsthalle Freiburg (Freiburg); American Academy Rome (Rome); Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing); International Center of Photography (New York); among many others.

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