Ahaad Alamoudi


Ahaad Alamoudi, Portrait.
Ahaad Alamoudi, in Residence, 2023.
Ahaad Alamoudi, in Reesidence, 2023.
Ahaad Alamoudi, Self-Portrait as a Pomegrante (2017). 4K video, sound, color, 00:07:29 min.
Ahaad Alamoudi, Ghosts of Today and Tomorrow (2022).
Ahaad Alamoudi, Self-Portrait as a Pomegrante (2017). 4K video, sound, color, 00:07:29 min.


Ahaad Alamoudi’s residency project drew inspiration from a blend of pop culture and Greek history. In the form of a moving-image, the work produced depicts a surreal conversation between a human and a star that has glimpsed the future but can’t recall it. This work references cultural elements from Greece and Saudi Arabia, including traditional singing, the Cycladic frying pan, astrolabes, and Ahaad’s personal experiences, with for example the wildfires, during the Residency. This work is part of a larger reflection on transformation and change, weaving narratives from Greek and Arab myths. Ahaad collaborated with local professionals and added a custom Greek soundtrack to the video. The presentation of the video piece incorporates physical elements like a burnt olive tree, the frying pan, and a handmade headset to create an immersive experience that connects the audience with the message. Ahaad focused on the intriguing similarities between Saudi and Greek culture, such as the Mawwal that inspired her in previous work leading to research and work with the instrument Yayli Tanbur, building a bridge between these two worlds.

Through various creative outlets, Ahaad Alamoudi (b. 1991, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) has dedicated years to documenting the evolving social landscape of Saudi Arabia. Her work spotlights the pivotal role of gender in shaping her artistic expression. Raised in both Saudi Arabia and the UK, she now operates from Jeddah. Her art takes apart national and cultural symbols, like traditional dances and popular songs, and gives them a fresh perspective. By harnessing digital manipulation techniques to manipulate the pacing of discovered video clips and reimagining visuals, she skillfully pays homage to the dynamic Saudi youth culture of viral remixes. Through this approach, she infuses her work with additional depths of interpretation and a sense of playful creativity. Her art has graced global stages, with prominent showcases ranging from the prestigious Venice Biennale to exhibitions like Phantom Punch and Generations, which serve as vital conduits for Middle Eastern artists, enabling their work to captivate international audiences. 

Ahaad Alamoudi lives and works between Jeddah and London. Past exhibitions include Art Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), ATHR Gallery (Jeddah, KSA), Abu Dhabi Art (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Bates Museum of Art (Lewiston, USA).

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