Aziz Jamal


Aziz Jamal, Portrait.
Aziz Jamal, artwork in Residence, 2023.
Saudi Artist Aziz Jamal produced these artifacts in Greece.
Aziz Jamal, artwork in Residence, 2023.
Aziz Jamal, Vacant (2019), cement, installation, exhibited at JAX 1, Riyadh.
Aziz Jamal, PLAY and PLAYGROUND (2019). Soap and video performance at AtIthra Contemporary Gallery, Dhahran. Courtesy of ITHRA.
Aziz Jamal, Vacant (2019). Cement, installation, exhibited at JAX 1, Riyadh.


Deeply linked to his own personal and intimate experience and history with the surroundings, Aziz Jamal’s research during Greece Residency was rooted in the materiality of things and ideas. Aziz Jamal shapes his practice in a deeply experimental fashion, in profound link to what he lives, through found objects, ceramics, paintings, drawings and thoughts. Experimenting with what attracts him, Jamal built an assemblage of handcrafted artefacts, artworks and other found objects. Inspired by different things he had the possibility to see, for instance at the Museum of Cycladic art, such as the small prehistoric figurines and his overall experience in Athens, Jamal created a small world, a constellation of striking ingredients that constitutes a tangible result of his personal history in Greece. Between the possibility of working directly with the clay found in his garden, the various objects that inspired him to create new artefacts and the idea of animating this little universe in a movie, Jamal designed a multimedia installation with multiple underlying features and meanings. The artist created a “figurine tribe” in clay, composed of 65 sculptural pieces, that the camera follows in its quest to find its ideal home, a shelf in the Archeological Museum, thereby raising universal questions around art and archeological conservation and preservation.

Aziz Jamal (b. 1993, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) is a multidisciplinary Saudi artist. He finds inspiration in spontaneous bursts of creativity. His studio based practice leads him to explore multiple mediums and techniques, following an inner will to craft and create a tangible narrative composed by a myriad of different elements and ideas. His in-depth explorations of a singular wellspring of inspiration result in art works closely tied to the specific place and time of their conception. In this sense, his creations bear distinctive characteristics stemming from a physical, temporal, and spiritual connection to a particular moment and location.

Aziz Jamal lives and works in Saudi Arabia. Past exhibitions include Noor Riyadh (KSA), EWU Gallery (USA), Chase Gallery (USA), Bozzi Gallery (USA), Al Balad (KSA), Studio AF (KSA).

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