Agnes Scherer


Agnes Scherer Pour la récompense et pour la peine (B), 2023 Wood sculpture, painting on canvas 214 x 330 cm (screen) & 214 x 330 cm (keyboard)


(b. 1985, Germany) Lives and works between Salzburg and Berlin

Scherer’s work develops unique forms of presentation which bring together paintings and handmade artifacts, generating large-scale and holistic installations. Scherer thus creates complex pictorial work that resists immediate objectification and commodification, instead demanding from viewers a heightened level of focus and engagement. Throughout her artistic practice, she interrogates power relations and their underlying psychologies. Drawing from analyses of art history, anthropology, and cultural history, Scherer subverts artistic strategies that originally served the consolidation of power. Using anachronisms and representation of universally known symbols, her work often illustrates the uncanny ways in which historical systems, economies, and societal roles are reflected in the present.

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